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Safety Information



Labels may stick together as seen above.
Carefully peel back the top label that has the Model Number, and you will see a second label.



ZT50420 Important Safety Information

We have recently been notified that our Jackco ZT50420 Pocket Jump Starter Deluxe Kit, pictured left, was present at the scene of two significant fires, and may have been the cause of the fires.

We have determined that sample units pulled from the batch manufactured in July 2014 have a battery design that may have a higher potential for malfunctioning, and potentially may result in overheating, burns, or a fire.

For additional information please visit:

Determine if your ZT50420 is affected:

To help you identify that you have a unit with the battery in question, first look at the label on the backside of the battery. If the model Number ZT50420 is shown, then peel back the label. Note, there are actually two labels, one on top of the other. The labels may stick together and be difficult to pull apart. So, carefully peel back the top label that has the Model Number, and you will see a second label. If you have any difficulty determining whether or not you have an affected model, please contact us at (626) 582-8055 for assistance.

If the number on the second label reads:


then it is from the July 2014 batch (07 is for July and 2014 is the year of manufacture) and you need to handle the battery as indicated below.

1. Cease any further use of the product.

2. Remove the battery from any place where it may be plugged into a wall outlet to be recharged.

3. Discharge the battery on a concrete pad or someplace away from all combustible materials, by turning on the LED light and leaving it on until the light fades out.

4. Dispose of the battery in accordance with the rules and regulations in your locality. Go to www.call2recycle.org/locator and enter your zip code to find the nearest recycling location to drop off the battery.

5. Submit your request for a refund to us by clicking on the link "Start Refund Request Submission" below or by calling us at the toll free number (888) 452-2526 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday for instructions.

6. You will be required to send us the two labels as proof that you are in possession of the battery which is the subject of the recall.

Start Refund Request Submission


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