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4400 lb. Capacity Galvanized Pallet Jack
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4400 lb. Capacity Galvanized Pallet Jack

Features :

• Ideal transport aid for applications in damp or harsh environments such as meat or fish processing plants, dairies, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
• All of the exposed parts of the whole truck are galvanized, including hydraulic pump, fork frame, handle and so on.
• Special application in cold and wet environments resists the effects of cold, condensation and washing.
• Nylon steering wheel and fork rollers as standard option for damp or harsh environments.
• Pressure relief valve and overload valve to prevent pump damages when load exceeds weight limits.
• The one-piece pump design simplifies repairs, assuring reliable service and long life.


Specification :

Model: PJ4400-ACZ
Capacity: 4400 lbs.
Min Fork Height: 3 Inch
Max Fork Height: 7.5 Inch
Steering Wheel: 8 x 2 Inch
Load Roller Single: 2.9 x 3.7 Inch
Overall Fork Width: 27 Inch
Length of Forks: 48 Inch






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